Why No King Arthur Themed Scratch Games?

Putting together two of my favorite things in this world – lottery games and Arthurian mythology (sad I know) – I was surprised to find nobody appears to have ever done a King Arthur themed scratch game!

I’ve looked everywhere. I cannot find a single ticket that uses the rich mythology to create what would make a great range of lottery scratch games. Don’t you agree?

Even in the UK, where the company that runs the lottery is called Camelot. Where even the draw machines are named after Guinevere, Arthur, Merlin and Lancelot. Where scratch tickets are hugely popular. Even they don’t seem to have ever done a range of King Arthur tickets! Why not guys – not only would they look amazing, there are so many rich characters, locations and stories that the gameplay would also be great fun. A range of tickets covering the ‘Treasures Of King Arthur‘ would be amazing.

So, please somebody tell me I’m wrong and that this has all been done before. Or please, Camelot – or anybody else – can we please have a range of scratchers especially for me that does the subject matter justice? Pretty please?

I promise I shall then go out and build a car just like this one out of all my losing scratch tickets:-

Scratcher car

Making Camelot Great Again

I had to put this one up just because it made me laugh.

Arthur 2016, Make Camelot Great Again

I suspect you can figure out the inspiration for this one. Don’t panic people, it’s all fun and games. And don’t forget Camelot does still exist ;-). OK, that will probably only mean something to lottery players in the UK.

The Treasures Of King Arthur

According to tradition there are 13 treasures of the Island Of Britain. These are known from old texts from the 15th and 16th centuries.


Many of these are not known to be connected to King Arthur, but a few are directly related to him or to his cousin Culhwch in the stories of old.

Cauldron of Dyrnwch

In particular the Cauldron of Dyrnwch the Giant which is said to reveal men who are cowards and men who brave. By the simply virtue of boiling rapidly if cooking meat the belonged to a brave man – but it would not boil for a cowards meat.

In the tale ‘Culhwch ac Olwen’, Diwrnach’s cauldron (a symbol that crops throughout Celtic Mythology) is among the items Culhwch must gather for a banquet. King Arthur himself makes a request for the cauldron to Kind Odgar. But a request for such a prize is refused. Continue reading

There’s Treasure In Those Games

treasuretobehadTreasure hunters everywhere love a good game, so here’s another hunt you can enjoy in your down time.

One of my other little enjoyments in life is throwing the odd bank note at a lottery ticket. Yes, I know, “the odds are terrible”, “you’ll never win in your lifetime”, “even those who do win are not happy” etc. I read the tabloids sometimes too 🙂

There’s the whole process of playing. Choosing your numbers can be as boring as just requesting a ‘quick pick’, but why make it that dull when you can play with it. Consider the hunt for the right numbers to be your mighty quest. There’s loads of systems and software out there for playing with this kind of stuff. It’s just really good fun. Continue reading