There’s Treasure In Those Games

treasuretobehadTreasure hunters everywhere love a good game, so here’s another hunt you can enjoy in your down time.

One of my other little enjoyments in life is throwing the odd bank note at a lottery ticket. Yes, I know, “the odds are terrible”, “you’ll never win in your lifetime”, “even those who do win are not happy” etc. I read the tabloids sometimes too 🙂

There’s the whole process of playing. Choosing your numbers can be as boring as just requesting a ‘quick pick’, but why make it that dull when you can play with it. Consider the hunt for the right numbers to be your mighty quest. There’s loads of systems and software out there for playing with this kind of stuff. It’s just really good fun.

And this is the one thing those naysayers don’t mention about playing the lottery. The reality that for the people who play it – it is pretty good fun. Especially if you approach it that way in the first place, and if you’re having that much fun playing then you cannot possibly really lose can you? I’ve never really lost when going to see a movie, and that’s an entirely optional leisure activity too. Although I have seen a few movies that came very close to feeling like I simpy lost the time invested into watching it..!

So if you treat playing the lottery as a bit of a treasure hunt, there’s a lot of enjoyment to be had.

Just don’t neglect enjoying the whole malarkey, right from choosing your numbers, to watching the draw. Don’t be boring with just a ‘quick pick’ either. Be more creative and it’s a lot more fun. No, I’m not sure that all those fancy systems do anything particularly useful, except make things more fun! Which in itself us useful, right? I quite like this one – the Formula 1 name is a bit cheesy but it’s easy and fun to use. It may not help much, but it is good fun trying all the same. (I think Trent may have created that one but I’m not 100% sure).

Start out your quest though by hunting for the right game to play in the first place. There’s a lot of choice, especially with all the scratch-off options available too. Even more so if you include the fact you can play almost any lottery game from around the world online now. I don’t mean playing your own countries lottery games online, I mean any country. You want to play EuroMillions – no problem, the Mega Millions, sure can. It’s that easy now.

Good luck in your quest for the jackpot, and don’t forget to enjoy the journey.